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Beeline Pest Control on Termites

Termites usually stay hidden and are referred to as the "silent destroyer". They can covertly hide, thrive, and multiply in your home or yard showing very little evidence of their existence. Termites can easily be mistaken for a less destructive ant, and as a result, homeowners may decide against extermination or preventative maintenance which unfortunately allows an infestation to grow at an alarming rate within established structures and could lead to significant damage.

Termites primarily feed on the part of wood called "cellulose" which usually comprises around 40-50% of the content of wood used for construction. Termites have been known to also damage sheds, foundations, furniture, trim, doors, shelves, books, paper, some insulation, and filters. Termites can harm living trees and shrubs but mostly feed on non-living or dying trees and plants

There are several ways in which you can identify a termite over an ant. A termite has 2 distinctive body parts while an ant has 3. Termites will have straight antennae and not bent as they are in ants. Flying termites will have wings that are approximately the same length. Ants tend to have hind wings that are longer than their forewings. If you are having difficulty identifying the type of insect, give us a call. We'll be happy to come out and identify it for you.

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